Lenovo unveils new Android-powered smart monitor and all-in-one PC


Lenovo will be bringing Google’s mobile operating system, Android, to your computer this year. The company’s first two Android-powered devices are the ThinkVision 28, a 28-inch 4K smart monitor, and the N308, an all-in-one PC. While the company doesn’t believe Android will come to replace Windows, it believes that people who prefer the Android experience will enjoy these new products. 

Lenovo is going beyond smartphones and tablets with Android, putting the operating system in a unique 28-inch 4K smart monitor and a new, 19.5-inch all-in-one PC. The ThinkVision 28 is the first 4K monitor to be offered with Android, while the N308 all-in-one PC, which starts at $450, provides an Android alternative to Windows PCs. Android brings a familiar mobile user experience to desktops, with the ability to run apps and games and share files between devices, Lenovo officials said.

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