EyeFly3D brings 3D to your mobile devices without glasses


At CES, Nanoveu showed off a version of its nanotech filter for the iPad that lets you see images and video in 3D without special glasses.  The Singapore-based company already offers an Eyefly 3D filter for the iPhone, now it’s adding the iPad Air to the mix. Eyefly3D doesn’t automatically make everything you watch on the iPad glasses-free 3D, that would be truly remarkable, though the company says it’s not hard to convert content to 3D.

I’ve never been able to get into 3D movies and TVs because fitting 3D specs over my prescription glasses never worked. EyeFly3D created a screen protector that can display stereoscopic content on your iPhone, iPad and Nexus 7 without having to use those pesky glasses. The iPhone protector will set you back $26.95, while preorders for the iPad Air version cost $59.95. Creator Nanoveu announced an iPad mini and Nexus 7 version at CES, but it hasn’t begun taking orders for them yet.

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