Augmented reality tech will revolutionize the medical industry


An augmented reality software platform that integrates digital eyewear, smartphones, and tablets into one platform is trying to revolutionize the medical industry. The platform, called Infinity Augmented Reality, has released a special pair of glasses that can help nurses make IV sessions quick and painless. This improvement, while good, is hardly revolutionary, but augmented reality is still in its infancy. The full potential of augmented reality in the medical field is far from being fully achieved.

Helen Papagiannis is the Chief Innovation Officer of Infinity Augmented Reality, an AR software platform that universally connects with digital eyewear, smartphones and tablets, integrating multiple devices into one platform. You walk in to the doctor’s office – nervous – thinking of the last time you received the injection of your monthly medication, remembering how painful and aggravating it was when the nurse couldn’t find your vein and poked you five different times to insert the IV. This time, however, something is different. When the nurse shows up he is wearing a special pair of glasses, something you wouldn’t expect to see during such a standard procedure. The device uses advanced technology and shows the nurse a perfect highlighted image of your veins so he can insert the IV in one painless attempt.

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