AT&T offering T-Mobile customers $450 per line to switch over


Bad new for T-Mobile but good news for T-Mobile customers who are looking for a change, AT&T is now offering $450 per line to any T-Mobile customer who switches over to AT&T. This isn’t as cool as it sounds though when you read the fine print. Those who switch will receive a “promotional card” worth up to $250, depending on the make, model, and condition of the smartphone they’re trading in.

Looking to swap your T-Mobile plan for an AT&T one? Maybe $450 per line will convince you. Starting today, that’s how much AT&T is offering T-Mobile customers to make the switch when they trade in an eligible smartphone.  “In addition to a larger and more reliable 4G LTE network, T-Mobile customers who switch to AT&T will benefit from a superior smartphone line-up and award-winning customer service,” AT&T says in its press release. But don’t expect to walk out of the AT&T store with $450 in cash.


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