70% of LG’s 2014 smart TV lineup will be powered by web-OS


LG apparently plans on resurrecting web-OS, the mobile operating system that the company purchased from Palm. LG says that 70%  of the company’s 2014 smart TV lineup will be powered by web-OS. While web-OS never really made it to mobile devices, it ay have better luck with smart TVs.

While LG is yet to take to the stage and deliver a big presentation at CES, its Korean wing has just announced the company’s new webOS smart TV plans . Resurrecting Palm’s ill-fated mobile OS, which never truly delivered on phones, LG’s new range of webOS-powered TVs will make up a staggering 70 percent of the company’s 2014 Smart TV lineup. That’s a very clear sign of commitment to the technology—but what can we expect from it? Well, we only have a Korean press release to go on, but the concept seems to focus on three buzz-laden features: simple connection, simple switching, and simple discovery.

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