Tesla’s Model S gets a new software update that guards against faulty wiring


Following the recent string of fires in Tesla’s Model S electric vehicles, Tesla Motors has addressed the situation with a new software update. The company concluded that the fires weren’t a result of a vehicle or battery malfunction and believe that they’ve fixed the issue with their latest software update. 

Tesla Motors has maintained that the most recent fire involving one of its Model S electric vehicles isn’t the result of a vehicle or battery malfunction, but the company is still addressing the situation with a software fix, according to Green Car Reports. The California-based automaker has added a software function that automatically reduces the charge current by about 25 percent when power from the charging source fluctuates outside of a certain range, Green Car Reports says, citing the Twitter feed from an Apple employee, @ddenboer, who owns a Model S. You can read the text of the update below.

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