Steam Machines ship to beta participants on Friday


The first round of 300 beta Steam Machines and controllers ship out on Friday, December 13, Valve announced. Selected beta testers will be notified today around 5PM ET. These anointed ones will find a few games running on SteamOS in their libraries and badges on their Steam profiles marking them as participants.

The time has come! We are ready to begin shipping Steam Machines and Steam Controllers to the 300 selected beta participants. The machines are due to leave the factory on Friday! The 300 selected beta testers are being notified today (at about 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time) that they’ll soon receive Steam hardware and SteamOS for testing. Each selected user is also being awarded a special badge on their Steam Community profile, indicating that they’re a beta participant. In addition, a number of games that run natively on SteamOS are being added to each selected user’s library. 

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