Samsung reportedly developing 8 and 10-inch AMOLED screens for future tablets


In the early days of the Galaxy Tab line, Samsung released a couple of Android tablets with AMOLED screens, the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and 8.9, but since then the company’s tablet lineup has been a strictly LCD-only affair. That may be about to change in 2014, however, as reports from the Korean press suggest that Samsung Display is working on 8 and 10-inch AMOLED screens for high-end tablets, due for release in the new year.

Back in 2011, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Tab 7.7, which according to the South Korea tech giant, is the world’s first tablet to sport a Super AMOLED Plus display. Well if you had a chance to play with the device or if you own it and you like what you see, you might be interested to learn that Samsung could be working on more AMOLED tablets for 2014. According to the Korean media, they are reporting that Samsung is currently working on AMOLED tablets of the 8-inch and 10-inch variety and that they will be launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy S5 which has been rumored for a release in April 2014.

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