Netflix will be purging tons of free movies and shows on January 1st


Netflix will be purging dozens of movies and TV shows from its list of free online streaming options starting at the beginning of 2014. One dedicated Redditor was kind enough to post a list of all the movie and shows that will be removed. The list includes excellent movies like Braveheart, Requiem for a Dream, We Were Soldiers, Top Gun, and much more so it would be a good idea to catch any movies you haven’t seen before they disappear in a few days.

A Reddit sleuth posted this list of movies and TV shows that will be purged from Netflix in January 2014. If you have time off from work between now and Jan. 1, it might not be a bad use of your time to binge-watch some blockbusters (Braveheart, Top Gun, Platoon), art-house flicks (Being John Malkovich) and the entire series run of The Kids in the Hall. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is included in the purge, but absolutely no one will miss that one.

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