Chinese hackers manage to jailbreak the Nokia Lumia 920


iOS and Android devices are popular targets for hacking and jailbreaking but it’s not very often that you hear of a Windows Phone device being jailbroken. However, that’s exactly what a group of Chinese hackers have managed to do. The hackers have managed to jailbreak the Nokia Lumia 920 with the intention of creating a Cydia-like store, except for Windows Phone.

When it comes to hacking our phones, Android and iOS are quite popular either by rooting or jailbreaking, and while there are options out there for Windows Phone users, it is not as commonplace, but who knows, perhaps down the line Windows Phone could get popular enough where hearing about an upcoming jailbreak could be worth looking forward to! In any case if you’re the proud owner of a Nokia Lumia 920 and you were looking for a way to jailbreak your device, you’re sort of in luck as a group of Chinese hackers have recently posted a video in which they claim to have jailbroken the handset.

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