Will Las Vegas be the next Gbps internet city?


Google has been doing it. AT&T is doing it. Now CenturyLink wants to bring super-speed internet to Sin City.

While the gigabit Internet revolution (well, evolution) continues for the likes of Google, AT&T, and a handful of smaller ISPs, CenturyLink won’t be left behind. The company is nearly ready to launch its gigabit Internet service in Omaha, NE, and it just announced that it will be rolling out service to Las Vegas, too.

“CenturyLink is pleased to announce that Las Vegas will be the next city to receive ultra-fast broadband speeds up to 1 Gbps,” said Matt Beal, CenturyLink chief technology officer, in a press release. “We know our customers will embrace this new technology that will allow them to simultaneously use multiple devices in their homes and businesses without the burden of bandwidth constraints.”

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