Twitter getting lectured on politics even before they go public


Every blogger gets a wild hair (or even hare) every now and then that makes them get on a soapbox and rant. Twitter has been the victim of a lot of those lately, particularly when it comes to revenue. In the rant below, the discussion turns somewhat political, very cultural, and highly personal. It’s worth every word to read.

Twitter has taken a lot of fire for having an all-male board, almost all-male management team, and all-male investor group. The root of this problem is arrogance and a “don’t-care” attitude. This was exemplified by a response by its CEO Dick Costolo to comments I made in a New York Times article—about Twitter’s gender imbalance. Instead of responding to the issue that was raised, he tweeted “Vivek Wadhwa is the Carrot Top of academic sources.” In follow-up conversations on Twitter, he continued to hit below the belt rather than address the problem.

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