Only a small percentage of iPhone users want an iWatch


They say they don’t want one now, but wait until it’s released. If we do see an iWatch in the near future, that will be the mentality. The people are saying that they don’t want one. Will that hold up if and when it becomes available?

Apple filed a patent for a touchscreen wristband in several countries, but it has yet to confirm that it will be launching an Apple iWatch to join the frenzy on wearable technologies. While the iWatch remains to be a rumor, analysts have already forecasted that the iPhone and iPad manufacturer might sell 10 million of the said smartwatch in its first year of release.

A recent poll by Gene Munster of the investment firm Piper Jaffray revealed that about two to four percent of iPhone users in the United States are most likely to use an iWatch if such gadget will be released by Apple. The survey conducted by the senior analyst inquired about the interest and willingness of consumers to buy an iWatch with a sticker price of $350. Twelve percent of the respondents said that they might buy an iWatch while the rest of the respondents said; they will pass on the wearable technology.

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