ION glasses offer NORMAL alternative to Google Glass


If you’re one of those who like technology to blend in rather than stand out, you may want to look at ION glasses. Unlike their Google Glass competitors, these do not draw attention. Most who see them would easily confuse them for normal glasses. The article below notes that they’re cheaper than Google Glass, but the look and feel of them is what “stands out” to us.

If we were to tell you that there was a pair of specs out there that were every bit as smart as they were classically stylish, you might scoff at the idea. After all, Google Glass and most of its competitors aren’t what you might call traditional looking. The ION Glasses, however, look like something right out of Hipster Monthly.

On top of looking like a respectable pair of glasses, the tech in this pair of specs is pretty legit. A Bluetooth 4.0 connection keeps your ION Glasses connected to your smartphone, funneling all manner of notifications to you via a colored indicator hidden in the right temple. Emails, texts, calendar reminders, and voice mail can each be assigned their own notification color, thanks to an app included in the glasses’ purchase price.

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