Foxconn broke its own rules to meet PlayStation 4 demands


One of the biggest reasons Foxconn put their intern labor rules in play in the first place was because they didn’t want the international community to be upset by their labor practices. The bottom line won out this time and they decided that production of the PlayStation 4 took precedence over working conditions.

Foxconn is under pressure again after it broke its labor rules while building Sony’s PlayStation 4 console. The Taiwanese manufacturer, which produces devices for Apple, Microsoft and countless other tech firms, was found to have given interns overtime shifts to boost staff on its assembly line.

Games In Asia translated Chinese reports (including this one from Tencent Games) which claimed that “thousands” of student’s from an IT engineering program at the Xi’an Institute of Technology joined its Yantai  factory where the Sony console, which goes on sale in the US and other markets from next month, is being produced.

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