2014 Mercedes S550 is apparently awesome


It doesn’t matter what brand it is. Today’s automotive review services find ways to bash just about every brand from Toyota to Lincoln, BMW to Ford. The release of the Mercedes S550 was going to be another mixed bag of reviews… or so we thought. The consensus is that this is truly a killer luxury car and it’s hard to find anyone saying anything other than that it’s awesome. Here’s one such review…

The days when luxury in a car meant shiny chrome on the outside and dead trees and cows on the inside have long faded. This is 2013, when even high-tech can fail to impress: Cut-rate hatchbacks have navigation systems, and the average Ford can park itself.

So when Mercedes-Benz set out to develop the latest S-Class — the pinnacle of indulgence for a brand that owns it — the automaker knew the ordinary wouldn’t do.

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