Qualcomm late to the smartwatch party but they still made it


At the exact same time that Samsung was unveiling its new Galaxy Gear smartwatch (more on that from Reviews Editor Ron Amadeo later today), Qualcomm was making a smartwatch announcement of its own. While the company is primarily known for its Snapdragon chips, it will also be producing its own smartwatch called “Toq.”

Engadget has spent some hands-on time with the device, but we’ll boil it down to the essentials: Toq is a touch-enabled smartwatch that tethers to your Android (now) and iOS (soon) smartphone via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can read e-mails and texts and respond to them in a limited way using pre-programmed responses you’ve entered into the app. You can also do other simple smartwatch-y things like check the weather and check stock prices.

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