Richard Branson

Space voyage to launch in December and feature an odd mix of individuals


Richard Branson

It has been announced and verified through various social media agencies this year that Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic is going to space on his latest project called The LauncherOne. And for the fee of $250,000, YOU can join him.

Oh did I mention that some friends of Branson will be joining him in the space voyage? You may know some of them: Brad and Angelina, The Biebs, Russell Brand, Katy Perry (awkward), The Great Leo Gatsby, Lance Bass, Ashton Kutcher, Kate Winslet, and Stephen Hawking!

Ok, that is probably the most random list of people to go into space together. The only people missing here are some old school WWE wrestlers, an MTV reality star, a Baldwin brother (preferably not Alec, he’s too intense for a two and a half hour voyage), Pauly Shore, and a past American Idol cast off (Yes, I’m talking to you Sanjaya). Somebody please make this happen and get some of those people on that plane. You know it would be worth it!

Thanks to the amazing abilities of the social media world, I have been all over this growing story. I even signed up that I was “interested” in the voyage and would like to seek further information before deciding to join. Obviously there is no way I could afford to join this world of rich space exploration, but I sure would love to! What a wild trip this would be. I would do anything to get on this trip, heck I would even sit in between Katy and Russell to break up the awkwardness.

The trip is set for early 2014 and it will bring hundreds of voyagers and these celebrities into a weightless space dream. All kidding aside, LauncherOne is a huge breakthrough in space exploration and in social media. This trip will be the first of it’s kind that will have people involved who are huge social media icons. The pull that these celebrities have in the social media world will not only make this story one of the biggest of the year but will make space exploration trend faster then the actual voyage, itself. By early 2014 every social media agency will be raving about this space voyage and it’s participants.

Having said that, Branson isn’t doing this to just launch some famous names into space and gain publicity. He is trying to break a huge barrier in the world and he is definitely onto something. He also understands that the price is very high but he insists that in the future after more successful trips the price will drop. Once more planes start launching it will slowly become more accessible to others.

However, the key objective here is to open up a whole new chapter in global climate research. “In America you’ve got a lot of skeptics about global warming, what you need is the scientific evidence that it is there one way or the other,” Branson said to CNN. Branson’s innovative world of exploration is something that doesn’t have to be loved by all but it should be somewhat appreciated. Sir Richard is one of the few names that I have noticed is truly bringing the future closer and closer to the general world. He is a definite trendsetter that is on a mission. You got to respect the man for that.

It’s safe to say that Branson is onto something really interesting and when this trip does launch it hopes to be very revealing. I for one am very excited to see what develops here and my only request is that Branson gets some camera crews in the cabin to capture the Biebs and Stephen Hawking have some intellectual conversations that will leave the world scratching their heads.

Let me know what you think of the trip and what can come from it.

Also comment below with some interesting celebrities you would like to see orbit space.

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