Emperor 1510 LX in Use

The ultimate ‘seat of power’ is surprisingly useful


Emperor 1510 LX in Use

There are luxury items out there that only the wealthy would ever consider. In most cases, they have amenities that nobody really thought they needed until they saw that it was possible. In those cases, they don’t really “need” them as much as having something that is a great novelty to make their friends jealous. The Emperor 1510 LX is different. It’s a high-dollar computer workstation that might actually be worth its hefty price tag.

Weighing in at $21,500, this beast of a chair is in most people’s price range… for a car. Unfortunately, the only places it will transport its occupants is the world wide web. Thankfully, it will get you there in style and comfort like no chair you’ve ever sat in before. According to Arstechnica, it really does seem more like a vehicle than a chair:

The Emperor 200 is finished with a glossy auto paint. It has a heated and cooled power-adjustable seat with an adjustable leg-rest and reclines up to 30 degrees. It pumps the workspace atmosphere through a HEPA air purifier, and is equipped with built-in audio and lighting—all controlled from an embedded Windows system via a 10-inch touch screen.

Check it out in action:


Emperor 1510 LX


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