1 Gig

The history of data storage costs


1 Gig

Over the last few decades, the way that data is stored has evolved faster than just about any form of technology. What used to take large rooms to hold can now fit in one’s fingertips.

The pace is increasing, particularly in just the last few years. A decade ago, it wasn’t uncommon to pay hundreds of dollars for data storage devices that now cost less than $10. Today’s data is served more quickly. It maintains its integrity for longer. It’s portable, cheap, and easy to access.

The infographic below takes a look at some of the data storage options and the costs associated with them over the past several decades. It’s pretty amazing when you try to put it all into perspective.

RocklandIT Infographic scaled

Via: Storage Server


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  1. Does anybody else think this is a terrible infographic? Inconsistencies throughout: comparing high-end, mid-range, and low-end hard drives (relative to the time period), not always showing the price per megabit statistic, and the 2000 hard drive doesn’t even mention what the capacity was.

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