Email Smartphone

Wasn’t email supposed to be dead by now?


Email Smartphone

At the World Economic Forum in 2004, Bill Gates made an interesting promise. “Two years from now, spam will be solved.”

The rise of social media has had others making other predictions for years. One such prediction has been in the form of bloggers and technology experts declaring that email will be dead by 2009, then 2010, then 2011… and on… and on.

Spam and email both persist. They have both improved as well. According to Litmus, email was still the most popular online activity of 2012 despite Facebook taking up the bulk of our online time. Is your business using it? Are you improving on your practices, trying new technologies, new techniques? Did you fall into the trap of believing that email is the past and you have to put your focus elsewhere?

Take a look at this infographic and then make your decision about whether you should have email as part of your strategy or not.

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Email Smartphone” image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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