Put your head on a Pez dispenser with a 3D printer


3D Head Pez Dispenser

Clever. Tasty. Creepy.

Hot Pop Factory has been able to make a name for itself by generating creative pieces of jewelry using 3D printers. Now, they’ve used a neat hack with Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect system to scan a person’s head, print it out on a 3D printer, and put it on the top of a Pez dispenser.

If you’ve ever wanted to distribute candy through a hole beneath a figure of your head on a stick, this is the way to do it. Check out the video of how they scan the heads through Kinect and some images of the finished results:


Pez Dispensers

3D Scan of Head

3D Printed Head

3D Printer

Pez Head

3D Head Pez Dispensers


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