Domino’s Pizza: A terrific example of sharing positive reviews using original images like a boss


A terrific example of sharing positive reviews using original images like a boss

Go on any social network at any point throughout the day and you will be received with an array of images, not necessarily personal photos (although they are shared too) but images found or created from across the web shared on various social sites.

Sites like Instagram where it has allowed us to customize our crafty photography with filters along with meme generators enabling us to create silly photos have most definitely played a role in making us want to share images we create. However, the rise of infographics has probably played the biggest hand in visual imagery becoming more of what we want to see than anything else.

We all know that infographics have text that teaches us something quickly on a specific topic but since they are usually visually stunning and full of fast knowledge it has most likely increased our yearning to share our thoughts and feelings through images.

Businesses have even caught on to how important and relevant images have become on social networks that they too are using them to share their brand, but are they doing it correctly? Some are taking images and trying to pass them off as their own by adding their logo or web address to it, this is the wrong way of using photos on the web.

The well-known pizza place, Domino’s Pizza is a terrific example of how a business can use images while still tying it into the brand or product. Besides, using found images are great but creating your own from time to time is even better and here is why:

As you can see in the image, Domino’s Pizza took a picture of their product and then took a review submitted from a happy customer and added the text on top of the image of their product. This not only shows their delicious pizza but it too uses positive feedback to share with their community as this was discovered on the Domino’s Pizza Facebook Page.

Domino's Pizza Example of Good Marketing

All you have to do is snap a decent photo of your product and check any review site that talks about your specific business and copy the text onto the image just like Domino’s did. This is a fantastic way to use the popularity or trend (like image sharing) and capitalize on marketing your brand in a social way.

Taking traditional marketing and combining it with what people like seeing and sharing is not only a smart move it is the perfect form of displaying your brands personality, charm and allowing others to see that more people love your business too. This then increases your positive sentiment and not to mention highlighting a happy customer will also increase your retention rate and perhaps create a loyal customer for life.

To think all of this can come from a single image, it sure can…now get the door… its Domino’s teaching you how to share reviews using original images like a boss.

[people eating domino’s pizza image via vouchercodes]
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