Give your smartphone a retro look with the Ice-Phone


Retro Style Ice-Phone

We have come a long way from rotary dial phones that were attached to walls, to the now ever-so popular touchscreen mobile devices. Some of us grew up during the time when handheld phones were still in style and cordless ones were viewed in the same fashion as mobile phones are today. No matter what type of telephone was used to communicate with the outside world in your childhood home and whether it is due to the feeling of nostalgia or just the mere fact that it has a super cool look, this retro-style Ice-Phone is bound to grab your attention.

We all love the portability and convenience mobile devices provide us; they are small enough to fit nicely in our pockets or purse and give us the much appreciated ability to no longer be stuck in a booth or at home to make a call. However, although most of us couldn’t live without a mobile device in this day and age, it doesn’t provide the same feeling or comfort of a handheld phone nor does it provide the convenience of having a private conversation while being hands-free.

The Ice-Phone is a combination of the great features handheld phones and mobile devices both offer, due to it using parts of each style of phone. You simply download the app from either the iTunes Store or Google Play, plug the Ice-Phone directly into your smartphone, and instantly you have the option of using handheld or mobile for your long conversations with friends.

This stylish phone comes in a wide assortment of vibrant colors, it can be used as a dock for your smartphone and you are still able to charge your mobile device with your existing charger. You will continue to have the ability to use other functions on your mobile phone while talking on the Ice-Phone and can connect it to your computer so that when you use programs, such as Skype to talk with loved ones, the Ice-Phone becomes the microphone, essentially turning your computer into a really stylish looking phone.

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