A robotic universal remote that will make you say aww



The electronics device manufacture, Toshiba, best known for their televisions and computers, want to rid you from the dreaded remote control. They have recognized the many useless buttons and confusion some remotes have created among their consumers, and as a consumer I dislike unnecessary buttons myself.

This is why Toshiba has created the most enchanting robotic remote control. His name is ApriPoko and his futuristic design is going to change the way we not only turn the channels on our TV’s but also the way we turn on and off our lights.

ApriPoko is a talking robot that is voice operated by your commands. This handy little fellow will serve as a universal remote for all of your electronic devices, by not only learning what you want but by committing to memory your requested tasks and mimicking your commands.

Weighing a mere 5 pounds your new robotic friend will observe your human behavior and ask questions to learn how to operate various devices remotely. How ApriPoko works is through memory that is triggered by sensors that are able to detect infrared rays emanating from the remote. Therefore when you turn something on, the robot will ask you “What did you just do?” and by responding your actions, the robot will learn to associate.

So the next time you want to have that desired device turned on or a channel changed, you can simply say it out loud and little ApriPoko will make your request happen.

Not only is this a step up from robotic behavior and super cool to grab up once it is on the market, you just can’t help but look at those eyes and say… aww.

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