The one thing I would change about the G+ app


The one thing I would change about the G+ app

I could go on for days about the Facebook app, but since their latest update the app has been less annoying and that means less time spent on waiting for it to load, so I seriously can’t complain right now. However, there is one thing I wish would change about the Google Plus app.

I enjoy G+ although it has caused many discussions about its social capabilities and whether it is a ghost town or not, truth is, it is a great social site and with Google’s SEO the two will be the future. With that said, I enjoy the most recent update to G+ that happened a few months back; its flipboard like feature, the easy abilities to share and +1 and of course the colors it has added to posts.

My one issue may seem small but it discourages me to want to share and sharing is a big deal to me so due to the discouragement the G+ app is unfavorable right now.

The one thing I would change about Google+ is when I do share; I wish that the app would take me back to the same spot as where I initially shared the content. Instead, the G+ app brings me back to the top of the feed.

So I ask those at Google to please make me want to +1 your app by taking me to the spot where I left off instead of the top. I don’t like scrolling back down again and like many I prefer using my phone over the web. So if G+ wants to settle the ghost town feud perhaps making the app more fun and less time wasting by saving the spot I was last and encourage me to socially share.

End Rant.

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