Why has email lasted so long?



Many of us grew up writing letters long-hand and sending them via the Post Office. It wasn’t until 1965, that the concept of email emerged and about 6 years later that the very first email was sent out. In 2007, Google made Gmail available to the world and now that it is 5 years later, the big question is, “Do you still use email?” Whether you use Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail it is interesting to know how sending mail via the internet has evolved.

This very informative infographic that Pittsburgh Ford turned us onto, is filled with fascinating facts surrounding the major events that have kept email in existence after all these years.

This infographic from Myfreeemailsearch comes to us via Los Angeles Hyundai and explores “The Evolution of Email”. Click to enlarge.

The Evolution of Email Hat Tips: Raleigh Toyota

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