Things to do in baseball before you die


MLB Stadium Panorama Photo 04

Microsoft is using its considerable influence to show off the capabilities of the Windows phone in new and innovative ways. The latest showcase is with a new progressive campaign revolving around baseball.

Steve Gebhardt and John Tramutolo – editors from The Roosevelts – have put together a Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List. The editors have compiled a list of must-see and must-do adventures that true MLB fans would have, including taking a picture with Mr. Met at Citi Field, walking out of the corn at the Field Of Dreams field, eat Shake Shack at Citi Field, participate in “Roll Call” at Yankee Stadium, and see the Shea Stadium Home Run Apple.

Check out the kick off video below, then submit your own ideas via Twitter (@RSVLTS) using hashtag #WPbaseball or on Facebook. While you’re at it, peep these incredible panoramic views of 6 of the top MLB stadiums.

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