Facebook allows others to see your edited mistakes and if you ignore chat messages


Facebook Allows Others to See Your Edited Mistakes and If You Ignore Chat Messages

Facebook is becoming a little more translucent with your activities by allowing others to see what you are doing. Just a few months ago Facebook quietly began permitting its users to see if someone ignores your chat message by literally showing in the chat box that the message you wrote was seen with a timestamp. This means that the person on the other end either closed their browser or closed the chat box and therefore this triggers Facebook to believe that the person read your message.

This can be a good thing to help with communication clarification in the written form, since it is at times difficult to ensure that others get your message, however, as much of a good idea this may be or the intentions behind it are in fact positive, it does not necessarily signify that someone saw the message by actually reading what you wrote. It could also be seen as yet another infringement on privacy. Either way, written communication, especially for important messages will not replace verbal communication at this point, no matter how much Facebook wants to become a useful communicating tool via their chat feature.


The second newest change is another small one in which you may have missed; recently Facebook has enabled the ability for its users to edit comments since mistakes are inevitable. This was a great stride to ease the communication flow to know that if a mistake was made we have more control over fixing them. Nevertheless, the edited feature has also advanced to displaying the word “Edited” under the comment box of an edited comment, allowing you to click on “edited” to show the mistake and this along with the correction will be displayed in a popup box. Therefore you are able to click and see what was said prior to the correction. This post is brought to us by Fredericksburg Used Cars who knows a thing or two about this particular Facebook topic.

Is this another violation of our privacy or does this better Facebook?

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  1. The Edited history makes sense, as it disallows someone from changing their message to something entirely different after people have responded without having a record of doing so.

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