A snapshot of mobile search trends


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Ever been out and wanted to tell people what you were doing, show them a photo or check into your location? You’re not the only one. Facebook is the number one searched mobile website. There are nearly 2500 variations of search queries with the word “facebook”. Malaysia and Italy use facebook as a keyword; that is twice the global average.

When do you use your mobile device most often? On average, mobile user behavior is more significant around the time that you’re tucking yourself in for bed. The amount of usage on a mobile phone is also greater than that of a desktop computer.

Nowadays it seems everyone is getting on the smartphone bandwagon, and it’s greatly increasing searches compared to using a desktop computer. It is proven that advertisers with mobile-optimized websites and targeted campaigns have 11.5% higher clickthrough rates than non-mobile optimized sites.

Take a look at this infographic presented by Startapp to learn more.

A Snapshot of Mobile Search Trends [Infographic]
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