A closer look at StumbleUpon’s paid discovery


Paid Discovery
Most of us already know that StumbleUpon is a discovery engine that recommends and personalizes web content based on users’ personal interests, social networking principles, and peers. As a result, virtual communities and networks are created of Web surfers connected by common interests.

What is not as well-known, due to the site itself not receiving massive amounts of traffic since users tend to discover content through the StumbleUpon toolbar, is that StumbleUpon can be a powerful way to gain referral traffic.

Businesses and website owners can take advantage of referral traffic through StumbleUpon’s advertising system called, Paid Discovery. Advertiser’s pay to have their website or blog URL inserted into user’s streams and stumblers will land directly on the advertiser’s webpage when stumbling, which makes the entire page the actual Ad.

Let’s take an even closer look at StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery through this infographic below. Click to enlarge.
StumbleUpon Paid Discover is Getting Huge
From: San Francisco Toyota Via: StumbleUpon

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