The microscope stays on as Facebook’s IPO needs further analysis


Facebook Lukewarm IPO

The best that could have happened in tech blogging would have been for Facebook‘s IPO to “pop”. We still would have watched closely but there would have been no need to analyze it in-depth. As any good doctor after a successful operation, we would have clapped our hands and monitored. Instead, we’re stuck trying to break down exactly what happened on Friday and more importantly what will happen in the coming weeks.

In short, Facebook ruined a lot of tech and business bloggers’ weekends.

Here is a video of analysis that will help to determine if this was simply Facebook and its bankers pricing the IPO exactly right or if there is something more to worry about over the next few weeks. Below is an infographic, almost a warning: is Facebook a bubble that’s going to pop (in the wrong way) the way other recent tech IPOs have? Is there any chance that Facebook really will be the worst tech IPO in history?


Facebook Bubble

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