Is the promise of social media for small businesses actually a unicorn?


White Unicorn

For the last 3 or 4 years, social media has been the hot topic that businesses have been told will save them. It has come across as both a promise and a threat; if you get involved, it can help your business but if you don’t, you’ll go the way of the dinosaurs, lost with nothing to show for it but your fossil records.

That is, at least, what everyone has been told lately.

It may be true that some businesses have found success in social media and a majority still believe something is there, but few can say with certainty that the time and money they invest into Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, their blogs, and all of the shiny new objects that seem to pop up every couple of months is actually worth it. They’re all chasing a unicorn, the mythical beast that offered amazing benefits if found.

Perhaps instead of a unicorn, it’s something tangible and achievable but small businesses simply aren’t doing it right in many cases. That’s the concept behind the infographic below by our friends at Intuit. Click to enlarge.

Small Business Social Media

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