UFO - Old Pic

Fun and frightful UFO video for the skeptic in all of us


UFO - Old Pic

Most people fall in the “maybe” category. There are others who are absolutely certain there are no extra-terrestrial UFOs, that they’re just government experiments, fabrications of modern video editing, or misunderstood phenomenon. Others are positive that there are visitors from other planets (or other dimensions) flying around abducting people and mutilating cows. Regardless of which of the three camps you’re in, one thing is certain – the sightings are on the rise.

Many say that the frequency of sightings aren’t going up but that we now carry personal camcorders in the form of smartphones with us wherever we go. Now that the technology is in our hands, we’re shooting more videos and snapping more photos of crazy things in the skies. Others say that we’re reaching a critical stage in our existence that is prompting aliens, dimensional travelers, or nephilim to start the process of making contact and easing us into acceptance before they unveil themselves to the world.

Here’s a video that may be fun to watch. It may add fuel to the fire that it’s all fake. It may spark questions of the validity of the claims in the various clips. Either way, enjoy.

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