Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 will see 3 LTE releases within 6 months


Windows Phone 7

Just when many (including us) were writing off Windows Phone 7 and waiting for their more-anticipated next generation of phones and software, Microsoft leaked plans to bring 3 or more LTE Windows Phone 7 devices “within the next half year”, all on AT&T. This information refers to US markets only.

As VentureBeat put it, the phones are going “to blossom” in 2012. We will learn more at CES, but right now the speculation is split as to whether the phones will run 7.5 Tango which was supposed to be for lower-end phones or if it will stick with the current OS. Either way, it will be enough to continue to building buzz around Microsoft’s mobile entry and should set the stage for the Windows 8 release.

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