Gowalla Facebook

Facebook gets back into places with purchase of Gowalla


Gowalla Facebook

After a failed attempt to beat location-based check-in service Foursquare last year, Facebook has re-entered the arena by purchasing Foursquare’s biggest competitor, Gowalla. This comes from a source inside Gowalla – Facebook is not commenting.

Gowalla was also declared a loser to Foursquare and pivoted earlier this year to become a travel guide. That will likely be adjusted under Facebook to refocus on a segment of social media that has eluded the social networking giant.

Most of the employees will relocate to Silicon Valley, while some will remain in the Austin, TX, office where Gowalla was founded.

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  1.  That is really a good news to Gowalla, the sale is deginitely improved in this way, but it could also be dangerous to be united by FB.

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