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Online Girl

The internet takes up a huge part of our daily lives. Many of us have integrated real-world activities into our online and mobile experience to the point that everyday items such as checks, calendars, newspapers, and letters have become completely unused by a good chunk of western society.

The infographic by Flowtown below breaks down common activities of people surfing the web. Here, we highlight some of the most interesting data:

  • 61% of adult internet users bank online
  • 21% download podcasts
  • 78% research products online while 71% buy them online
  • Despite their popularity, only 13% use Twitter and 14% work on a blog or personal journal

What does this really say about us? Not much that we didn’t already know with nearly 80% of American adults online, but that doesn’t take away from the heavy users who are online more of their waking lives than they’re offline.

Click to enlarge.

People Online

  1. As most of the common people use the FB for their entertaining activities and for the different discussion and to find friends. Where as  twitter , linkedin like social sites more for the business purpose. And many of the people use for games as shown here. Such a great observation!

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