Facebook Privacy Concerns

Six Privacy Concerns About Facebook’s Latest Features


Facebook Privacy Concerns

It’s been over a month since Mark Zuckerberg unveiled many of the changes that have happened or will happen soon on Facebook. There have been some tweaks and missteps, but we’re finally starting to get a more clear picture of the direction of the social networking giant and what to expect in the future.

Privacy, always on the mind of those critical of Facebook, has become more of an issue thanks to these changes. In the infographic below, we examine these changes and isolate the six red flags that are being raised as a result.

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Facebook Red Flags

  1. I find all the Facebook privacy scares overblown.  In a months time we’ll be living with the changes as if they were always there like the last dozen times.  Plus, in the end, you’re in control.  You can adjust your privacy settings, and, if that’s not enough, you can choose what you post on there.  Heck, you can even choose not to have a Facebook.

  2. Since I starting to Facebook, I has some worries about privacy and securities of my FB account. Our activities should not visible by our all friends.

  3. Facebook’s latest update takes sharing to places Facebook has never been before, with their new subscribe feature, Timeline, Open Graph apps, built-in privacy settings in every post and more.  But along with the update comes some new concerns regarding privacy.  Timeline and the open graph call for a review of one’s privacy settings, although not to the extent that you lose sleep or close your Facebook account.

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