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Visualizing Reddit: The community as it stands around the world


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People who are not part of the Reddit community are likely unaware that it is the launching point for a good portion of the content that eventually makes its rounds to everyone. Blogs and users of other social media sites like Digg, Tumblr, and Buzzfeed grab content that goes viral on Reddit and re-purpose it in their communities.

There are many who create content to post on Reddit, but the real power is in exposure of others’ content. Members on communities like 4chan create content and get a decent amount of exposure, but Reddit is where much of it gets “launched” to the rest of the world. Users comb the internet, often finding gems of content on obscure sites to expose to the masses.

The site has always been shrouded in a bit of mystery, particularly with the user base on a site that is not currently public and does not have to share its demographic data. Luckily for us, they chose to share the data a week ago and some of it was visualized for us below.

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  1. Reddit is really a functional and powerful social community for users, I love it really, especially for the collection of sites.

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