Fort Knox

The technology behind Fort Knox, the most secure vault in the world


Fort Knox

There are certain things that are made to be impossible in this world. One of them is breaking into Fort Knox. The security measures are so extreme, they’re almost comical. Nobody other than a large army could get beyond the first measures (and there are several beyond those).

From 4-foot thick granite outer walls to 27-inch thick steel and concrete vaults, the fortress could withstand an atomic bomb. Everything has a backup, and most of the backups have a backup. Getting in is simply impossible.

This infographic by our friends at CreditSesame shows just how tight the vault is. They also explore the potentially darker side of Fort Knox where conspiracy theorists have concocted some bizarre (but now completely far-fetched) ideas surrounding what really resides beneath all of the protections.

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Fort Knox Infographic

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