DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online goes free to play


DC Universe Online

In case you ever wanted to be a hero or a villain in the comic book world but didn’t want to pay for it, the massively multi-player online game DC Universe Online by Sony Online Entertainment is going to be free to play starting in October. The increase in social games mixes with the impending release of Star Wars: The Old Republic are likely the causes for the shift after less than a year of charging players $15 a month.

DCUO, which cost Sony $50 million and took 5 years to develop, was released in January. To continue to recoup their money, they are not making it entirely free; players will have three tiers of service.

  • FREE will allow players basic access to the game.
  • PREMIUM ($5+/month) opens up more features and allows bonuses.
  • LEGENDARY ($14.99/month) allows DLC expansion packs and higher limits on all other features.

Players will be able to make purchases such as character slots, higher max currency, and expansion packs at any level.

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