7-Eleven Amazon Locker

Amazon’s 7-Eleven locker system starts speculation


7-Eleven Amazon Locker

“Heading out for a Big Gulp and a Kindle,” you might end up saying to your loved one soon.

In an eCommerce world where just about anything that people need can be purchased online and mailed to us, logistics and risk of theft of packages left at the door make for concerns, albeit minor for most. There’s the PO Box option, but the post office isn’t always located conveniently.

One thing that is located conveniently in many cities across the country are 7-Eleven convenient stores. In an apparent partnership between Amazon and 7-Eleven, these delivery lockers are starting to roll out in Seattle.

Geekwire writer John Cook decided to find the one that was mentioned in last week’s TheDaily article. Everybody is keeping it relatively quiet, but expect that this will go live soon and allow you to put order your item, print our a bar code or receive a number, and pick up your merchandise while out for gas.

As these types of partnerships often do, combining the real world with online purchases will act as a cross-branding relationship that adds value to 7-Eleven and convenience to Amazon.

Amazon Lockers at 7-Eleven

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