Rounds Video Chat

11 ways video chat can be used to empower real-world relationships


Rounds Video Chat

The promise of the internet that many of us started looking towards a decade or two ago is starting to get realized. When we think back and look at what the potential of the internet held, one of the biggest elements that we imagined was the expansion of communication through direct video chat.

Today, there are iPads with Facetime, Skype, Rounds, and other variations of video chat that take our initial dreams and perspectives and enhance them. Our horizons have expanded.

This infographic takes a look at 11 of the ways that video chat is being used today to enhance and empower real-world relationships. Click to enlarge.

Video Connections

  1. Nice. I like that infographic. The “date night” usage kind of depresses me…but it is the future. Rounds is also a pretty cool app — (  for those who’ve never tried it). I like the idea of finding a different, more meaningful ways to interact with my bazillion contacts on Facebook.

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