Facebook vs Google

The Yahoo Loophole: How to transfer Facebook friends over to Google+


Facebook vs Google

Facebook has been doing everything it can to keep people from exporting their contacts to bring them into Google+ ever since the search giant’s new social network launched this month. Household Hacker has come up with a relatively quick and very easy way to make it happen using Facebook’s relationship with Yahoo.

  1. I tried this three times it says it has found 3900 contacts and is importing them, once the import is finished 0 contacts were imported.  So it doesn’t work….

  2. I am still cautious of thinking of joining theGoogle plus. It will takes sometime to decide and finally joint this social web site. Seeing social websites let’s you become lazy specially those study in University. They don’t concentrate and excel their efforts to get good grades on their studying.. They used to talk and to chat with strangers or classmates in their high school days. This is what has happened a firend or relative of mine in Manila. His parents send them to good schools but epect to show good performance in his studies. The result is opposite and always see in her computer(Facebook). His parents alwys get mad if they know it in the first place, they should not llet her to study in good schools. Waste of money as result of concentrating on the Facebook.That is a bad sign of social networking

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