Photography past meets present – best iPhone accessory ever?



It doesn’t get more awesome than this. It does not get more awesome than this. I don’t think anyone can argue that the iPhone already takes pretty swell pictures, as far as phones are concerned – but this is something new entirely.

Black Design Associates have dreamed up this inarguably awesome iPhone/Leica i9 combo that simply begs to be produced for real-real. Can you just imagine this?

Says BDA of the design: “It’s common practice to combine a smart phone with a digital camera, but how do you combine a great smart phone with a great digital camera when your brands may speak to very different categories?”

Apparently, they’ve answered their own question – and how.

  1. This must be every hipsters dream come true. A totally (somewhat) different way to take pictures of out of focus trees and your own feet!

  2. Whoah that was awesome, could you actually take pictures with it? it is a perfect christmas gift for your love ones who owns an iphone. I wonder how much it cost.

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