Guys… We Just Broke Science


And here is a visual riddle to help ferry you into the weekend – Escher’s Waterfall, come to life. I’ve been sitting here for longer than I should trying to figure this one out. Any insights, Techi readers? Or did we really just kick science in the teeth? Before some humourless troll decides to remind us that science can’t be kicked in the teeth nor anywhere else, that was a joke. But in the impossible offchance this is real, we just basically solved all humanity’s problems.

In the words of a great internet:

“what is this I don’t even”

  1. Wow, impressive.
    I think it’s either two structures super-imposed and effects done with after effects (combining and deleting parts)
    Cos it looks like the water actually goes into the wooden box that he’s pouring into, on the right.
    So, either the water is fake, or there are two super-imposed videos…
    It’s brilliant… and I hope the guy explains, cos I’d like to see if it’s something else!
    Maybe we can ask Wikileaks?!

  2. The shadows are all over the place. The direction of his shadow does not match the direction of shadows on the structure. It looks good enough to believe at first. I’m impressed.

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