UK Safe Sex Ad Apes Your Favourite Childhood Videogames


Wow, guys. Just wow. Apparently, teen pregnancy sees a boom in Britain around the holidays. Who knew? To combat this, the Leicestershire Teenage Pregnancy Partnership has released this totally bizarre ad illustrating safe sex through the use of…

…Mega Man?!

Apparently, Rock has dumped Roll for some raven-haired seductress (not to mention given himself a firetruck-red pompadour), and her shop is closed unless our hero can find a condom. It’s a cute ad if nothing else, rife with that whole ‘parents only half-understand videogames’ vibe that was so prevelant in the 90s. And boy, is it ever 90s: The fictional game’s ‘logo’ is aped from Sonic the Hedgehog, the ground texture is from Super Mario World… can you spot any other borrowed graphics?

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