1b Cover Logo Antennas patent Apple

Apple Attempts Avoidance of Antennagate 2 with New Patent


1b Cover Logo Antennas patent Apple

Antennagate sure was a mess, wasn’t it? Maybe ‘mess’ is the wrong word. All things considered, it was pretty tidy mess, and even included sweet pictures of Apple’s underground antenna testing crypts. Was it the biggest case of mass hysteria the tech world has ever seen? Could’ve been – but either way, according to this new patent, it seems Apple isn’t taking any chances.

The patent details a new design that would apparently render the Apple logo itself as a functional antenna in both iOS and Mac devices – a move that could more or less end any to all interference by our fat, sausagey fingers. How well this would work remains to be seen. I dunno about you, but I kind of cradle a phone from behind as I hold it. I’m not sure an apple logo antenna would be enough. That said, imagine an iPhone with a sweet, glowy LED logo on the back. That’s killer awesome, no matter how you slice it.

Perhaps even more important than silencing dissenters, though, is this design’s potential second application – as an antenna in 3/4G-enabled MacBooks. I mean, those already have sweet, glowy logos, but 4G on a notebook? Hell, Steve, I don’t care where you put that antenna – but the logo’s as good a place as any.

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