Twitter – Even Hotter Than Munchable Chili Oil!


chiliA new survey conducted by Japanese ad agency Dentsu has revealed the ‘hit recognized products’ in Japan for 2010. And hoo boy, what a list it is.

Smartphones, of course, have more or less been grouped into one category as they would dominate the entire list of separate. Twitter has come in at second place, narrowly eking out munchable chili oil for the silver.

Yes, that’s right. Munchable chili oil. The top three ‘hit recognized products’ in Japan for the year two thousand and ten are, in order: smartphones, Twitter, and MUNCHABLE CHILI OIL. No iPads. No gadgetry. Munchable chili oil.

Oh, Japan.

Also in the top ten were LED light bulbs, the World Cup, and Ryoma Sakamoto, whom Wikipedia tells me was a samurai ronin in the 19th century, now popularized in a Japanese drama series. Oh, and, of course, international Oh, Japan, indeed.

Anyway, here’s the full list for your perusal. I gotta go get me some munchable chili oil.

1. Smartphones

2. Twitter

3. Munchable chili oil

4. Digital flat-panel TVs

5. Ryoma Sakamoto

6. International flight services at Haneda Airport

7. Tokyo Sky Tree tower

8. Energy-saving appliances

9. The World Cup

10. LED light bulbs

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