Man Turns Himself Into Human Jukebox – No One Knows Why


I can’t remember the last time I swallowed a foreign object on purpose. I think I was, like, six, and it was a Micro Machine. Remember Micro Machines? They were great for swallowing, among other things. Anyway, Fredrik Hjelmqvist, CEO of Pause Entertainment, is about to swallow a custom-made sound system for… well, probably for no other reason than that he can, turning himself into a human jukebox.

Users will be able to log onto the official website to beam their song selections to Hjelmqvist’s stomach, where they will be able to continually annoy the crap out of him whilst he goes about his day, livestreaming the event all the while.

This is all going down tomorrow, so if you’re interested in doing your part to keep Hjelmqvist up all night, keep tabs on the site. And, like, learn some Swedish.

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